Links to Other Interesting Sites and Dating a Machines
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Links to Other Useful Sites about Antique Sewing Machines.
Sewalot - Alex Askaroff's well researched site on the history of antique sewing machines.
Sewmuse - A gallery of antique sewing machines from many different countries.
Needlebar - A picture archive showing hundreds of machines.
Fiddlebase - Mainly Frister and Rossmann but some useful information on other machines.
ISMACS - Includes useful sections on manuals and manufactures.
A Singer identification page at Singersewinginfo.
Sewing Machine Collector - excellent photographs of some rare machines.
Helen Howes pages - a good source of spare parts.
How Sewing Machines Work - A site written in 1995 with simple animations.
Dating a Sewing Machine
Singer at ISMACS.
Wilcox and Gibbs at Sewalot
Frister & Rossmann at Needlebar
Gritzner at Fiddlebase
Jones at Sewing Down Memory Lane
Wheeler & Wilson at Fiddlebase
Whites at Treadle On